Thursday, January 11, 2007

dieu parmi nous

In India everything is possible; even the willingness to meet with God (literally) can be materialized.

It had been a while since I saw my friend P, so I was happy to see him ‘cause he’s very nice, talkative and always wants to help. I was surprised by the way he answered my question which was ‘where have u been?”

“I was in Bangalore for my yearly pilgrimage”

“What? What kind of pilgrimage?”

“There is a living god in Bangalore, every year I go down there to thank him and present him with new requests; he always grants my wishes.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. The guy is a software engineer, and his whole face lit up when talking about the god. Here’s the website that he sent to me to introduce me to the divine….

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Pradeep said...

There are any number of such persons in India. Some are globally known. Others are known just within their small circle. The following they have is amazing.

I guess it is largely a personal experience. I have heard counteless anecdotes about the influence such people have had on people. All of them can't be lying.

Matters are faith, like the one you friend experiences, can't be explained to another person. We all have such experiences, very unique and personal. Some of us ignore them, others find some strange spiritual influence.